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Week 5 - March 27, 2017 … the last meeting… is in the books!

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Week 4 - March 20

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Week 3 - March 13

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Week 2 - March 6

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Week 1 - February 27

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2017 Meeting Dates

Three more Rule Interpretation Meetings

March 13, 20 and 27
6PM at Sysco Foods
Rule Interpretation Meetings

Rule Changes for 2017
The published NFHS rule changes are out …
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Rules Podcast now available...
A compilation of the most important aspects of each rule are now available in a podcast format.
The entire NFHS Federation Rule Book is now available. Each audio file covers a single rule ...
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Johnny Smorol (r) presents Joe Petrowski with the Prospect of the Year Award. This award is named after Billy Smorol, Johnny's brother.

Congrats Joe!
Fred Almonte Umpire of the Year Award is presented by Tom Newton (r) to Henry Pagano!

Congrats Henry!

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We caught up with Sal DiSanza (l) to present him the Professional of the Year from the Syracuse Chapter NYSBUA. Tom Newton(r) presented and congratulated Sal!

Congrats Sal!
Pat Baker (r) being recognized from President Don Logana (l) for umpiring the NYSBUA State Tournament (2004)

Congrats Pat!

Past winners follow:

Umpire of the Year
Outstanding Professional
Prospect of the Year

Fred Almonte Award

Bill Smorol Award
Henry Pagano
Sal DiSanza
Joe Petrowski
Tom Newton

Jeff Harris
Art Haber

Dan Morgan
John Smorol
Kevin Ryan
Joe Cefaratti
Doug Angus
Jack Vogler
Pete LeGro
Pat Quilty
Jerry Losurdo
Matt Macaulay
Bill Cregg
Ed Bragg
Greg Hayden
Don Logana
Bob Kelty
Doug Angus
Warren Bumpus
Bill Cregg
Dan Kuhns
Herm Card
Joe DiPalma
Dale Malone
Ronnie Cook
Don Logana
Bill O'Sullivan
Pat Baker
Warren Bumpus
John Smorol
Jack Vogler
Charles Combs
Tony Stimson

The 2017 NYSBUA Umpire Clinic
January7, 2017 / Binghamton, NY

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The Syracuse Chapter was represented by the following 14 members along with MLB and MiLB instructors - Jen Pawol, Ryan Bealo, Chris Segal, Tony Woods, Dan Merzel, Nick Swaha, Henry Pagano, Don Logana, Tom Newton, Paul Greiner, Brendan Harrigan, Rob Drake, Warren Bumpus, Joe Petrowski, Jason Cassiday, Mike Holiday, Pat O'Neill, Rob Reed, Chris Petrilli, Matt Arcovio and Lance Barrett

Syracuse Newsletter is now online... click here!

Congratulations to the nearly 30 umpires who umpired 2016 Sectional contests!

Doug Angus

Pat Baker

Ed Bragg

Mike Capriotti

Joe Cefaratti

Marc Chamberlain

Eddie Collins

Bill Cregg

Art Haber

Brendan Harrigan

Jeff Harris

Pete LeGro

Don Logana

Jerry Posurdo

Dale Malone

Tom Marlin

Joe Moran

Dan Morgan

Tom Newton

Henry Pagano

Scott Paige

Paul Perlet

Carmen Perrotti

Joe Petrowski

Pat Quilty

Tyler Saladin

Joe Simmons

John Smorol

Congrats to Dan Morgan who represented the Syracuse Chapter at the 2016 NYSBUA State Championships!
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Has every umpire you worked with done the same quality job?
Do your evals leave room to reward exceptional performance?
The best evaluations have comments in one or more of the categories.
What is the basis for:
Arrival time: 5 for ready when the teams are! 1 if not ready when the teams are!
Plate work: Movement out from behind the plate, rotations.
Strike Zone: Especially upper and lower zone, as well as in and out. Consistency!
Calling low pitches strikes is not a good thing!
Base work: Accuracy and base mechanics.
Hustle: Does your partner move between innings? Does he jog/run to positions?
Professionalism: Does he have a good attitude? Is he pleasant to coaches and players, but does not talk too much and does not coach players.
Rained out or cancelled? Please rate all categories a 3 and leave a summery comment that the games was cancelled! Thanks

Warren Bumpus is 2015 NYSBUA Tony DeVivo Award Winner Warren Bumpus from the Syracuse chapter has been chosen from the pool of applicants as the winner of the 2015 Tony DeVivo Umpire of the Year Award. here to read more!

Herm Card Honored
HERMON CARD to be inducted into the NYSPHSAA Hall of Fame. Herm, a graduate of Maine-Endwell High School (Section IV) and Syracuse University, was a baseball and soccer official for 48 years. Card officiated over 1,300 high school baseball games including more than 200 NYSPHSAA postseason games and 200 high school soccer contests. He was President of his local officiating chapter for six years and Rules Interpreter for 26 years. Card was named Baseball Umpire of the Year on two occasions and is a member of the Syracuse Baseball Umpires Hall of Fame (2005). for more on the HOF class here!

Following are general guidelines for updating availability on the Arbiter

Game Dates
March 27 - June 13
June 1 - Aug 31
Sept 1 - Oct 31
Availability Due:
Feb 15
May 1
Aug 1
Schedules Released:
March 31
June 1
Sept 1

Thanks -- Mark Grosso

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The fall training has ended for the 2017 year. New umpires met 4 times this fall to start the on field training.

Over the winter we will have several meetings to continue to prepare for the 2017 season.

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